Gnar Kill - Rock Rock Rock lyrics

Cmon baby smash him in the face
And kick his teeth out
And when youre in love
Fuck it
Throw the motherfuck out
A meal of another fucking dick
When you land on your dick
Say ooh that's nice say
Bounce up and down like a merry-go-round that's round the town

Youre nothing but a whore in bling jeans
And rip em off see what I mean come on

She's got herpes stains like I never fucking saw before
She's got tits in a syphilis roll
She's got warts like a wart fucking hog
Disgusting pig with aids
Open up your legs
And watch me feed a fish with your eggs

Faggy ass oh oh oh oh
Who misses their baby like a bitch
Who likes period blood, who likes mud
Who likes drinking turpentine
Who likes tits and ass
Who likes wicked motherfucking wine

Oh right now
Baby ive been waiting for so long to eat your ass
All the turds in its gonna be like maple syrup on my asshole

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme go
Gimme everything you want now the stories been told
Now when u get the truth of how you fucking act
You faggot ass bitch get naked
Ahhhh oh

Rock rock rock
Rock and fucking roll and rock
You never fucking made a mistake before
Now you're getting thrown down kicked in the jaw ahh

Wild Wood thats what Chad's got
Rake Yohn can't control his cock
His wild fuckin wood goes up a man's ass
Every fucking day
Thats how he passes