Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive lyrics (Chinese translation). | First I was afraid
, I was petrified
, Kept thinking I could never live
, without you by my side
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Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: First I was afraid
ZH: 第一次害怕

EN: I was petrified
ZH: 我被吓呆

EN: Kept thinking I could never live
ZH: 一直在想我可能永远

EN: without you by my side
ZH: 没有你在我身边

EN: But I spent so many nights
ZH: 但我花了很多个夜晚

EN: thinking how you did me wrong
ZH: 你怎么认为我错了

EN: I grew strong
ZH: 我长大的强

EN: I learned how to carry on
ZH: 我学会了如何进行

EN: and so you're back
ZH: 所以你回来

EN: from outer space
ZH: 从外层空间

EN: I just walked in to find you here
ZH: 我只被走在这里,你可以找到

EN: with that sad look upon your face
ZH: 与那可悲的看待你的脸

EN: I should have changed my stupid lock
ZH: 应该已经更改了我的愚蠢锁

EN: I should have made you leave your key
ZH: 我应该让你离开你的关键

EN: If I had known for just one second
ZH: 如果我知道只是一秒钟

EN: you'd be back to bother me
ZH: 你会回来打扰

EN: Go on now go walk out the door
ZH: 现在转到转到走出大门

EN: just turn around now
ZH: 现在刚刚转身

EN: 'cause you're not welcome anymore
ZH: 因为你不受欢迎

EN: weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye
ZH: 不是你想要伤害我的告别的吗

EN: you think I'd crumble
ZH: 你认为我会崩溃

EN: you think I'd lay down and die
ZH: 你觉得躺下死

EN: Oh no, not I
ZH: 哦不,不是我

EN: I will survive
ZH: 我要活下去

EN: as long as i know how to love
ZH: 只要我知道如何去爱

EN: I know I will stay alive
ZH: 我知道我就能活下去

EN: I've got all my life to live
ZH: 我有我的一生生活

EN: I've got all my love to give
ZH: 我有我的爱给

EN: and I'll survive
ZH: 我就会活

EN: I will survive
ZH: 我要活下去

EN: It took all the strength I had
ZH: 它花了我所有的力量

EN: not to fall apart
ZH: 不让自己崩溃

EN: kept trying hard to mend
ZH: 一直努力试图修补

EN: the pieces of my broken heart
ZH: 破碎的心的片断

EN: and I spent oh so many nights
ZH: 我花了很多夜晚

EN: just feeling sorry for myself
ZH: 只为自己感到难过

EN: I used to cry
ZH: 我曾经哭泣

EN: Now I hold my head up high
ZH: 现在我抬起我的头

EN: and you see me
ZH: 你看看我

EN: somebody new
ZH: 新欢

EN: I'm not that chained up little person
ZH: 我不是那個

EN: still in love with you
ZH: 还在爱着你

EN: and so you felt like dropping in
ZH: 让你觉得像滴

EN: and just expect me to be free
ZH: 只是希望我要自由

EN: now I'm saving all my loving
ZH: 现在我在拯救所有的爱都

EN: for someone who's loving me
ZH: 爱我的人