Glenn Kaiser - Self-Control lyrics

It's the thing I lack most and it puts me in a bind
The wise possess it, it brings them peace of mind
Down in my soul, I need self-control
Without it my mouth says terrible things
Without it my hands work selfishness
When it's lacking so do those that we love most
Without it nobody wins, but everyone knows
Down in our soul, we need self-control

In my younger days, I didnt understand
Surrendering myself was part of the plan
Without giving it over, we can't receive
All there is, all He has, for you and for me
We need self-control

It's the way of the Spirit and everyone knows
That revealing moment when it all seems to flow
Aint none of us have enough, but everyone sees
That without it we steadily move
From need to greed,
Down in our souls we know we need self-control