Glenn Kaiser - Postmodern, Existential, Ivy League Blues lyrics

I saw new england fall in the autumn
Professing themselves wise
They learned to be fools
I saw the picture-postcards and the majesty
And it died

If ever there was a key
To wisdom and knowledge
It is the cornerstone rejected by the world
If ever was a people so removed from absolutes

I heard the depth and height of information
Served on steaming tables of speculation
I understood the rite of education
For the sake of the elite

If ever there was a reason
It was love
If ever any person personified that love
It was Jesus

I heard the shot heard 'round the campus
It was the deification of humanity
One that had ceased to be human
One who pretended to be God

And i recalled another ruler
In the autumn of another time and place
He refused to give God the glory
And like dying leaves
In a cold cold land
Eaten up and died