Glenn Kaiser Band - I Forgive You lyrics

down every alley, up every street
out in the country, where people meet
you see it daily, an' ya hear it too
not only in others, it's in you

feel the pain or cause it,
right or wrong or both
lion or a lamb don't confuse it
we're all in the same old boat

they sometimes lie and leave you,
an' use you then they're gone
the river rolls beyond you both,
but memories linger on

i might pass before you,
you might hang around
i might just outlive you,
either way i forgive you
yes i doói forgive you
(only way to live)

we don't work the same garden
but we had our share of strife
still i beg your pardon
and i wish you love and life
no matter either way
i may never win you
but i found peace in Jesus
cuz i forgive you, yes i do
i forgive you