Glassjaw - Lovebites And Razorlines lyrics

"Who you fucking now?"
I use my slit wrist to sign my name with
And when you can't compete with the Joneses
You'll gun em' all down, even the father

You fucking whore
Shut up and swallow my pride for me
Move closer or drive further
So I just suck on the end of this dick that cums lead
But first, I'm coming after you all

It's ladies night at the bar
But she smokes a man's cigar
I guess she's dying
Oh well
I don't give a fuck about your dignity
That's the bastard in me

I know a girl who sells herself around
And I'm sure one day, she'll sign autographs in your town
Looking back into my diary, what makes me say those things?
What causes my laughter at another's disaster?
It's the bastard in me

You live in shit and you will eat your own way out
I am too fly and shy
Like no other guy
Too fly and shy just for you
I'll mark you all