Glass Hammer - At Last We Are lyrics

Came a sound, from the stillness as the morning woke
Sweetly he sang, yet urgent
I heard his song stronger as the dawn was breaking
There through the mist on eastern hill
So I climbed on

I know I’ve heard that voice
Born upon winds from Eden
I will follow him till heart’s rest
Till at last my journey’s ended

Sing to me a star
Set it in yonder sky
Shining, and guiding me
For I’ve lost my way before
There in the mist on eastern hill
For I would
Climb to the sun and then beyond to
Hear what you might sing
Such was the power of your voice
Oh, that I might hear more

Now it fell upon a summer night
Climbing up the fells in the lingering light
Glimmering yet faint through the gathering mist
Holding forth promises
Brilliantly climbing the sky
Find the singer, chasing starlight
Racing moon beams, onward I climb
He will show me the way

When I draw close he’ll be waiting there
Father of my soul in the morning fair
Then I recall He has never been
Far from my side
Leading me, cheering me
Feeding me, guiding me home

Where I will see familiar faces
And as children who once were lost
Found, at last we are
And free to run and gather ‘round
A shining King, who laughing
Welcomed us home at last
For at last we are
And dancing ‘round our Father
Who wipes away all tears
Welcomes us home at last
Welcomes us home at last