Ginny Clee - Touch lyrics

I want you trembling on the tip of my tongue

I want to be the curling smoke in your lungs

I'm not going anywhere till we're done

Should i take these off or leave them on

I want to be the writing on your wall

I want you

To rearrange my heart and make me crawl

I want to

Touch you always everywhere

Touch your heart when i'm not there

Touch away the blue despair

Your hopes, your dreams, your secret prayer

I want to touch


I want some attention from your midnight thighs

I want to hear a choir of moans and sighs

I want to kiss your baggy morning eyes

Bend your rules and cross your lines

I want to lick the moonlight off your skin

I want you

To tell me not to stop and let me in

I want to feel your fire swallowing me

Steal your desire wallowing in me

I want to take a sip of your sweet energy