Ginja Roe - The Never Rhythm lyrics

No, don't say a word

We could have worked well

If we didn't live in this world

See I am yang

But you are not a ying

And everybody knows

Balance is everything

With every bit of love

I managed to savour along the way

I filed and I sorted

In weeks, months and days

Cause it's a nasty fixation

With getting it right

So put me on the shelf

Before I change my style

And I

I have fallen

And I

The Never Rhythm

And I am just naive enough

To think if I believe in love

That you'll leave me on the edge of something

That could keep me alive for life

I'll tell you something I comprehend you

You should have never let me go

Cause I

Have fallen

And I

The Never Rhythm

And suddenly I'm missing all these wishes

That I once had

And the rules on living lightly and not letting me weigh you on down

Tell me are ya gunna lose it

When you fall into

The never rhythm.....

La di da di da da......

When you fall into the Never Rhythm