Gingerbread Patriots - Eye Bear lyrics

I'm almost sleeping the whole night through
Without waking up, in a cold sweat
To half premonitions of you
When the morning comes
It brings the sun
And through the blinds it strikes the bed
On the side where you slept
I haven't kept
The room clean like I should
Where you used to get dressed
It's such a mess now.


It was the little things you would do
When we were on the bus
You gave up your seat
To a women who was older then you
And when we got to her stop helped her onto the curb
You could see how proud I was
And if you ever complain
It wasn't in vain
It was because things got real bad
I tried to make it all good
If I only could now

Trace your hand
On paper so
When I wake up
I will know
That you were here
Not just a dream
A figment of
Through my yard
With movements slow
Yellow light
Of the moons glow
A memory of
A silhouette
Something that
I'll never get (x2)