Gilbere Forte - White Lights (2014)

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Gilbere Forte - White Lights lyrics

I'm finally honest,
my daddy know when im lying
When I try to be honest everybody
want succes and ability to get their moms
I just wanna see her smile
Accomplish being a son
How I know it's god timing
Everybody getting some

How I know it's my turn when
all the shit that I earn
I swift all that it's burn,
I flew all with a bunch of falcons
I rip the head of all of you worms
Rip away all your worries said confident
Say confidence it's a curse,
navigating in the host
How you niggas concern you
Never part of my vers, look at me like a God
You was never part of my church
My chain and my desire
I'm still spinning my worth
I just wanna be fly
But im still stuck up customs
All this hate got me tired,
thye try to kill all my cousins
Trying to fulfill my desires
and let that things I ain't trust it
So I'm rushing on em,
I'm busting on, fucking all in the code
That's inside that room just sail how will want
Five lane in their zone,
you sound and I smoke this
Go around I got a table for twenty and I'm gone
Playing every hand on my card they never show
And I'm still nigga impulsing
Living imposible times,
putting this obstacols behind
Close doors I still on fuck with a lied
Well no matter when you got it
I don;t know you, I ain't proud on you
You feel that homucide,
Michael taste it's on ravel
I put bullets in the dudu,
motherfucker I'm killing shit
Ride in the drik, fine in the, harder in the dec
And in this life they missing that trip
I just trying to hold on
to the moments that I ain't rich
Cuz every moment that I blow up
I don't remember the shit
Don't judge me