Giggs - Slow Songs (feat. The Streets) (2009)

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Giggs - Slow Songs (feat. The Streets) lyrics

They talk about they wanna cut crime down,
I do something positive and they fly down,
I'm pissed off, so I lie down,
Grab a spliff, grab a pen, and I wind down.
Mad poverty.
Niggers cant get jobs so they buy brown,
Buy light, drive round,
Tryna hustle on the streets to get the right pound.
A little youfs getting knifed down,
Cos nigger got pissed and brought a knife round,
They don't care about a sign said put the knives down,
Next little niggers gonna get the knives now,
Rinse off the ting and put a life down,
Think of the shit we live our lives round.
That's why i can't understand all the fight down.

When the shadows in the sun grow long...we listen to a slow, slow song.

I used to roll strapped up packin a glock,
Runnin round rinsing at the back of a block,
Used to shot cats whole packets of rock,
Now I make music, what they plannin to block.
Fuck these lil faggoty cops,
I came a long way from a raggody top,
Old reboks, and my gravitys on,
Now everything drops I get my gravity on.
The whole industry gettin mad at me songs,
Sayin they dont like me the way I'm carrying on,
Been a mad journey,
These fucker dont know where I'm travelling from.
Tryna make my buzz lighter,
Tryna get to me lockin down my blud kyzer,

Smoke weed while sippin on a budweizer.

When the shadows in the sun grow long...we listen to a slow, slow song.

It's just a phase we know,
That hazy glow,
Coming off the blazing road,
But I'm like Amir Khan, I appear calm,
All that clear charm,
But I clip your ear ole' raw,
Keep score of what I got,
In the draw with the socks,
Feeling ever more than a lot,
I used to score shottins at the squats,
Fuck it, duck it in the bucket seat,
Spunked all my currency and my luck, you see,
Am i grind blind
Frightened sometimes,
Mixing white wine with wine,
Late nights on the pave like,
With Dave types,
Chitter chatter with the latter,
Wave bye.
Behave right.
Let's stay tight.