Giano - Prelude To A Love Song (feat. Sinuous, Gayla Rob Brent Brentinson & Lyle Simpson) (2011)

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Giano - Prelude To A Love Song (feat. Sinuous, Gayla Rob Brent Brentinson & Lyle Simpson) lyrics

I never knew a love, love, love - a love like this,
gotta be something for me to write this.
Yeah, I took from Common so that I could pass common sense
it makes sense that what we've built is not common.
You're like sunshine,
makes me want to comment
a paradigm,
makes it hard to stand aside calm and cool.
But I don't get upset,
cuz the mystery of you is deeper than ocean depths.

With no affect on the science of God,
I had to put you in perspective
He wired you apart from the rest,
it's you're an award that I got off of a long hard tour.
(Je t'aime mon amour)
(eu te amo, meu amor),
(te quiero)
in three different languages my words are falsetto.
You're like a symphony I found a small cello
caught up with that beauty when the orchestra is ahead of me.

Falling in love
you're wonderful.
I love you,
I love you.
You're wonderful.

Dag she beautiful,
no second guessing
looking in her eyes I see a stairway to heaven.
And now I write blessed and no question I'm feeling blessed.
Help the arguments to help it all,
we get it off our chests.
And I confess,
I fall victim to my selfish ways,
just seeing your smile help me through my darkest days.
Bring light to the darkest caves miles away
memories could stash away to where my mental files lay.

All work and no play?
No, that's wack,
live life to the fullest,
different ways to interact.
Other women said they had my back - in fact,
I'm still healing from the wounds when they stabbed me in the back.
Man, questions didn't work,
I stuck to the lessons learned
when I did question their worth,
I looked like another jerk.
For what it's worth,
I'll stop holding grudges
I just do work and leave it in God's hands to judge it.

Degrees, you see,
indeed - I shouldn't be that blessed
matter of fact,
you shouldn't be that fresh.
Then I relax and I see that "S",
the second letter is your elegance,
and man I be that "XY", get it?
Your biology gets way far surpassed by your biography.
And I'm studying for extra credit
I already received an "A",
but your best aesthetic is found in a hidden text appendix,
waiting for you to open the index and let me check it.

I am impressed pathetically
the finesse of Mrs. Kennedy is like the perfect Genevieve.
Only the parallels,
the rest just let it be,
and take three tulips and let it breathe.
The medicine, medically,
is too metaphorical to beat - put it in simple words,
you're adorable to me.

How can I find the words to define and paint your intricate lines to capture your beauty inside?
You are wonderful