Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge - All Creation Wept lyrics

To the ocean we march,
We walk the darkest shore,
In our thousands,
Beckoned by the call to arms.

This place is armageddon.
The ground trembles, the skies still fire.
In an act of retribution,
I condemn you,
You spineless liar.

Oceans apart,
Your fate, now it weighs
As much as the world.
So as your act comes to close,
Your lungs full of repent
Wont hold you afloat tonight.

The tide brings in,
The remnants of empires,
Torn down by the waves.

?And I?m so tired of searching,

Im just so tired of searching for this,
Hope and forgiveness,
You promised to me so long ago.
Keep your feet on the solid ground,
Because you are so hollow.?

Wash away, Wash away,
Your sins and your mistakes...

Upon the collapse,
Of destiny incarnate,
Release your self,
Into your rapture.

Farewell dear city,
We embrace our final steps into the sea.
May the water heal are wounds,
From the cleansing fires of light.
?Welcome to your final curtain call
I have been here so long waiting...?