Ghostlimb - Reduction lyrics

Since the tide of yore
and long gone before
from the crowded nursery
to troughs and cresting waves
in a sea of shit
our potentes carry us along
until we don't even know
if it's the carrot or stick
we're being beaten with
can you quantify your use
or qualify your subsistence
the bottom demands action
in the oil spread
over troubled waters
in the jobless city
in the depressed polity
frustration is the thesis
browbeat back by force
the bruised and battered corpse
of the every (wo)man

Economic fraud can only go so far before it collapses under its own weight. Due to both overstretched means, advantage manipulated from the top and systemic provocation of cut-and-run ethics, we end up back where every "depression" rests: at the expense of the people who cannot pay for it. So, now universities and state nonprofit subsidies — as well as personal financial security — are set back years because of easily navigable loopholes. Frustration is the thesis when subsistence wages and "getting by" are the standard.