Ghostface Killah - The Prayer Performed By Ox lyrics

Sometimes I feel like He don't hear me
Sometimes I wonder, do He love me?
(for all my soldiers)
Life is so hard, for me
This ain't the way
It's supposed to be
I pray every night
Asking for forgiveness
Sometimes I ask myself, is it worth it?
Life is so pain-anful
Yet im so thank-ankful
Life won't be easy
And I know that
My past is over
Wish I could go back
Maybe I'll cha-ange it
Rearran-ange it

Sometimes in life we all feel like we fallin'
Those who suffer in life will be rewarded
Lord I hear hear you
But it's so hard being strong
I keep reminisicing of my loved ones that are gone
He's says son you should know you're born to die
I said I do it's just hard saying bye
That's why
I feel like
You dont hear me
Sometimes I wonder,
Do you love me?
Life is so hard for me
This aint the way its supposed to be
(moment of silence)