Ghostface Killah - Bad Mouth Kid (Skit) lyrics

ghostface: hey, yo that's soul right there don't touch that radio.
kid: F**k you
g: what'd u just say?
kid: shut the f**k up
g: come on before i beat your little ass you little sucker
kid: get your ass of the couch
g: what I tell you bout turnin that? this my couch, your mom's know you talk like that huh?
kid: you're not my daddy
g: I'll knock your daddy out
kid: he would f**k you up

g: punk ass daddy, you got a lotta problems, you know that little boy?
mom: Is everything OK in there?
g: Yeah everything allright in here, we just chillin
g: Senority
Mom: ok just checkin
g: back to you you little motherf**k, i should just paint your ass
kid: ....mother f**ker
g: ima paint the shit out of you, ima get my son to f**k you up
kid:bitch ass nigger, eat a dick
g: eat a dick huh? thats how you feel huh? yall mothef**kers dont get beat no more thats what it is. your parents dont bust yo mother f**kin ass. but lemme tell you something ima take this f**kin belt off and ima whip your motherf**kin ass myself ya little bastard