Ghost Kollective - Sunshine Singularity lyrics

I awake in the morning to the sound of birds,
The curtains draw, the daylight warms,
On TV the news, relax and lay back,
welcomed to the day by the usual flack.

Ads for stuff I'll never need,
Interspersed with an outside feed,
A riot, kids without a home,
Hunted down by a friendly drone.

More ads for stuff I don't desire,
Mixed with stills of things on fire,
Violence, kids without a hope,
Playing angels, fearing no one....

I'm a citizen too, but what can i do?
It's the corporate's role to crowd control.
So give me news of awesome things,
Smack-down robots, contain this disorder....

It's a choice they make, they reject and scream,
I've heard they're all criminals, dealers and theives
What's the problem with a simple chip inside your head?

In space, in time, in state of mind,
In look, in love, in all that's mine,
I recognize the mechanized inside this neat duplicity
In hope, in life, in a state machine,
a loop, a IF, in a while I'll be,
In Sunshine Singularity, and want for nothing more....