Ghost Bees - Vampire Of The West Coast lyrics

last evening i fell for a vampire
with brooding black circles
a bleeding young liver
beautiful body of mortar and bile
with lovely grey eyelids that long to retire

dreams of an old room
with white plaster windows
and ghosts that would come as they go
they go

but patience is daunting and after a while,
his nerves start to whimper, his body perspires
and reaches for bottles
he threw to the water
with letters to mermaids and small sunken liners
now dressed all in algae, so green and so lovely
with mothers in nightgowns asleep in their quarters.

if i were beautiful, supple, and touchable,
would you linger to suckle and lie in my bathwater?

stay, stay, stay!
pogroms, they are prancing like pirates to pillage
stay, stay, stay!
pogroms, they are vampires bleeding my village

till everything's cotton and dry and the valley's like snow

he sings like a matchstick with wolves by the fire
and old prairie cradles that creak like a choir
hot coals upon old wounds
he curses his father
writing songs for his funeral pyre
and songs upon songs upon songs upon songs upon songs
for his funeral pyre