Ghetts - No Comment (feat. Giggs) (2011)

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Ghetts - No Comment (feat. Giggs) lyrics

The industry didn’t want this two free niggers
who belongs with the convicts
Running around getting music money
So what you know about 4 bags for a sixteen
I’m waiting that’s what i thought your clueless deny
He said she said i find all the rumors funny
I just do me and let them talk
Cos I’m a deep thinker
But what i’m thinking about right now
None of you niggers have never thought
I tell them all my minds already warped
Put a prick in a wheelchair so he never walks
I don’t wanna hunt for a line
Say what comes to my mind
So it’s never forced
I run the Grime Scene
And I just told Who Kid
None of them brothers could ever undermine me
Ill take off a head-top i’m ruthless
I be the niggers that makes summer lively
1 R6 2 shooters
Anyway can’t take this brother lightly
I can make 1 car flip if i used this
Use your brain who’s to blame
Or are you just absolutely stupid

Fuck the speculation i’m confirming this shit
Fuck a do not disturb sign I’m a burst in this bitch
Natural preservative shit
Your looking at a young black connoisseur in this bitch
You know me got that personnel spiff
White girl that’s my …chick

These rappers all shit they verbally stink
Middle finger up holding my Johnson
These weak niggers they know that ill stomp them
Police they know me as Thompson
Known in the UK but also in ....