Ghetto - Star Of Da Show (2010)

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Ghetto - Star Of Da Show lyrics

Yeah homey I'm the star of the show
Second time and I came harder to blow
When you cooked up take a good look at us
Don't forget they won't fight you no more
I'm a walking monument people stare like Whow
Said things like that kid right there might blow
Yeah might blow twice but he is so nice in it you know
I can spit venin at his boss the rap .. go on
I can spit .. the rappers switch the flow
Cause .. I'm in it for the long
.. I don't understand the game no more
Could be the reason why I'm not popping cocaine no more
Could be the reason why I'm fucking .. to bang your hore
Can't go slow .. told me to hit her with a hundred …
Niggers testing my skills saying I can't rap
It's like saying your niggers hands can't clap
Or maybe a bitch with her mouth that can't suck
Hands up if you want it put your hands up
They say love is pain to me that's fucking lame
Cause when I'm showing pain I don't think they like it
I predicted the money so now the kid is psychic
Spit the nicest used to get the .. white shit
And it's crazy but really the game falling off
Got that fire in the bottle call it Molotov
We don't believe you no more your lie is up
You niggers pack hustlers this is ..
.. I'm in love with the money but I don't love the hores
And it's sort like the drug money I'll pop the flow
I can hop on this shit or go …
Either way it's gonna be better nigger and that's the fact
… that's a fucking joke
Just to get high I need like a tone of smoke
..put a whole in you cut your throat
You rather stay with the customers
Cut the coca
Doing time shit is nothing to me
Birds flipping in the sky? Nigger fuck'm for free
You ain't doin it big if you ain't fucking with me
I just got help now glad to talk …
Cause niggers say I ain't the best
I'm better the best niggers won't take me out