Ggfh - Little Missy lyrics

Well... I've got a little picture of you know who
Keeping pictures... all in my head
Keeping them all to myself

I'd have to say it started
I'd say it started
Well... it started

I just happened to be out there watering my front lawn
You know
I really tried
I really tried to control it but it just slipped away from me
Dressed so short and girls so little and tight
Little missy, little missy.

She had one of those
One of those blouses like all the little girls have
She had one of those
One of those...

Do you know what I'm talking about
I'm so close to you and you're so close to me
Little missy so close to me
Little missy

I burn so deep for you
Touch... touching me
Touching little
Touching a little
Little missy

Missy was missing
Missy kissing
Kept her to myself
Just like the pictures

Made a little mistake
They found me sawing on little missy's leg
Little missy little mistake