Get Him Eat Him - Push And Pull lyrics

Arms down
We can talk it out
I don't want to think about
All this hem and haw and freeze and thaw

So back down
I won't wait you out
I've wasted too much time
And now you're telling me that's not on your mind
It's on mine, it's on mine!

So come down
We can turn around
This isn't the worst we've found
This is back and forth and beg and plead
If it's blood you want to see
Then baby get your guns out
We can shoot it out!

But it's not about the past and patterns that drag us down
We're running up on a run-around
You come around and attack and attack
And we run right back to the same stage
Acting like we're the same age
You had it right when you said "let's fight"
You set your sights so high

But maybe you're not just faking your double-taking and all
But what of your taste, what of your tone
What of the tall tall tales of the walls we scaled