George The Poet - Cat D (2015)

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George The Poet - Cat D lyrics

I said I got too much love for them hood rats
I said I got too much love for the hood baby
I said I got too much love for them hood rats
I said I got too much love for the mandem

I like cars a lot
Got the same love for them that my father's got
But most cars are second-hand
They've been around for a minute, second hand
So you don't know what they've been through
And it's hard to get the facts
Yeah they might look good, but any car can get a wax
Anyway, I like cars a lot
Whenever I pass a shop with reflective windows
I slow down and make a man pass
But here's the problem with second-hand cars
You don't know what they've been through, just like people
Some people might look like a Bugatti yeah
But don't get too happy
Cause they like to move scatty
I call them youths Cat D
Maybe the numbers are good
But it's all messed up under the hood
And anyone can look good with the light off
When you're blind to the fact it's a write-off
See, that's why we don't commit
Girls don't like guys that are broke and shit
Guys don't like girls that are broke and shit
It's a joke, a myth, toke the piff
Fix a cuppa
Might not know what to fix for supper
But I know I don't want a fixer-upper
Can't breed that, I'ma stick to rubber
I'd rather be your distant love
Than have to be your mister, brother, councillor
And it's all down to the fact that my community is full of kids that either had an absent dad, or a twist up mother
It's hard enough being a bigger brother
But no one wants to live to suffer
So I see Cat D's all over the ends
Most of my friends
'Nuff of these girls have this whole persona
Miss Coca-Cola
Shape like a bottle, face like a model
But your strengths be where your weaknesses from
Because you're empty when the sweetness is gone
And you don't see this as wrong
All of these playas got all of this game
So how come the team isn't strong, feel me?
She was like, "fuck if his penis is long if his cream isn't long"
Go for the guys whose Ps is long
He'll take you back when you treat him wrong
Even when he gets cheated on
Cause he can't see that you're a Cat D
Until I roll past with my one, straight from the factory
And in the meantime there's all these guys on the road going gym
Looking fly but they don't know a thing
To an extent you wanna suck
But, really you give them brain cause they're dumb as fuck

[Hook] (x4)
I said I got too much love for these hood rats
Too much love for the mandem
I will never live life like them
But that's the my peoples, I understand them

Obviously I talk about the ends cause that's my first point of reference but, you have to understand that's people in general. A lot of these people look proper on the outside, especially celebrities. You lot think the celebrity thing is a different thing, it's nothing. A celebrity is someone who is celebrated in their field, they're celebrated for that reason. But you have to know, that don't mean everything is right on the inside. Don't put these people on a pedestal they don't deserve man, even me cause I'm still figuring it all out. Understand that. Cat D don't snitch, no need to go to the feds to get rich