General Steele - We On The Move (2010)

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General Steele - We On The Move lyrics

They are walk this … to the people of America and the nations of the world
We are not about to turn around, we on the move now
Yes, we on the move and no wave will break this … stop
The burden our churches will not be …
The bombing of our homes will not persuade us
The beating and killing of our … and young people will not …. Us
The … release of our … know murderers will not discourage us
We on the move now

I was told behold the pale horse,
And don’t believe nothing you hear what most talk
My mind’s in the beat so deep my thoughts talk
Interactions all wrist don’t mess with these sharks
What I … life breath life to the mic
What I write’s been inspired by the struggle I fight
Am I right, am I wrong, who can say, who can judge
Only God, so I guess your laws don’t apply to us
Give me back what was stole, ain’t nothing to discuss
Liberate my soul, before I turn to ashes and dust
Gotta play my role, through I know they wish I’d give up
Late night set me up wishing that I get hit up
Don’t get me mixed up, wanna get me fixed up
… I’m a thread p.e. number one

Let’s start the seniors, operation black steel into our chaos
I don’t hear another man, only … hard

I don’t take any days off, no vacation
You can’t concentrate in, put your faith in
Practice this … illustrate it what it takes to be strengthens
This is … for the stars .. on guard
If I reach for my sword, on guard
When they … on guard
If you speak … week before
Yeah I’m strong … you can see by the
By the way I perform you can see what I’m on
And if life … like I won’t make it it morn’
Can’t sleep till it’s over … mourn
… what I’m born

But just know live on, live on, yes, live on
This is the way I live my life, I’m on the move
Every day’s a new shovel that we must…
I’m pushing through, you can’t even hold me back
Or take me off my tracks I’m so …
You can knock me, you can stop me, you can bring me down
You … you can change me, I ain’t stopping now
No matter what you say, no matter what you do
I’m still gonna shine, I’m on my …
You can’t bring me down.