General Direction - You Want A Fight? You Got A Fight! lyrics

You Want a Fight? You Got a Fight

In this fuckin age/ In this fuckin state/ It finally came to me/
The reality of hate/ Everyone wants there own rights/
But don't give a shit when it's not there fight/ You turn your back/
And call them weak/ Cause they do more than you/
They get up and speak/ If this is what you call wrong/
I'd be proud to be one of the strong/ You can bring them down/
But you can't drown them out/ No matter what you do/
You can still hear them shout/ Fuck you!/ It's not like this/
Fou've fuct up the system/ And now the students are pissed/
Fuck you!/ It's not going down/ Just wait one year/
And see who's around/