GenCAB - Let It Be lyrics

skies open, raining again today
i'm hoping, i'm wishing but i won't pray
all wet, soaking it up
i can take a lot of pain but enough is enough
inside, trapped myself
my god i never thought that this could happen to someone else
six hits, loving it rough
but no one ever knows if you cover it up
and you fall down, don't make a sound
lights out, i don't know what you're talking about
this time i lost tonight
but tomorrow's the chance to make it right

my mind is going blank
and i can't recall a reason or a soul that i should thank
new world i won't embrace
a dimension that's preventing me from keeping the pace
slowed down you'll grab the knife
and dissect the little decencies installed within my life
another answer that i can't face
you may forget my body but not my face
i know i'm a disgrace
but there is no peace until i die

all the scenery is strange
gone a year i'll face the change
there is nowhere left for me
so let it be
every destiny turns black
in the end we'll face that fact
my futures gray and i can't see
so let it be
my mind is going blank there is no one to thank dissect what's left of me but you won't let me