GenCAB - High Tech Low Life lyrics

despite the strength it always takes
to wake before the day just breaks
i sleep inside a ghost press bed
and strap myself inside my head

instead of looking backwards
i forget to log my history
repeat the dreams stuck inbetween
suspend the width of disbelief

i claim to care that i am free
there's nothing real to all my needs
below the surface you shall see
a high tech low life way beneath

as i try to understand why
i can't rely on DIY
i'll trace my face all over mine
and hope that i will multiply

everything i see, it pertains to me
in a shallow way, i begin to breath
i tune out the world and i'm self aware
see me sit and stare but i'm not really there

i never wanted it to end like this
but it just seems you've missed the theme of the story
you all rely on a myth in the sky
so thats why i insist you ignore me