Gehennah - Chickenrace lyrics

Every string bent out of time, blood metal overdose
Metalheads, come bang'em wild, let's show'em who's the boss
Rule this place with iron hands like a concentration camp
Loyal to the metal life, smell the burning amps

We're banging our heads faster and faster
If someone won't do it, then throw out the bastard!

Violent fists pounding all around
There's no fucking control, only sound
Hot like death valley, rock'n'roll rally

We're speeding down the metal highway, hold on to your balls
Our hardrock-tank will race you all and run over the false
We'll go against all fucking odds, come with us, share our pride
You're with us or against us now, bang or step aside!!!

More that head and bang it hard unless you want a fight
We'll grab your neck, swing all around and kick you out of sight
Heavy metal, heavy metal, screaming in our heads
We don't complain it's here to stay until we're fucking dead

We're banging our heads 'till the death!!!