Gehbrewaissen - Desolate Mind's Dreams lyrics

Ready yet?
On my way... damn, this is arduous.
So let's just...
Hang on ...

Let's do this.

We understand, how this action could end;
We understand what a disgrace it could bring us;
But so far it is still in our hand
If we'll fall or destroy those who choke us...

Through dust, through dirt, through filth and illusions -
We fight to strike for the enemy's core,
We're close, one step, we'll be at the solution
To free the Earth from this foul herd.

Has anyone ever tried stepping into the lion's with a whole lotta C4? I don't think so.

We'll burn these bags of iniquitous money,
Melt and annihilate ingots of gold;
We've come far indeed on our relentless journey.
The damage they dealt the world couldn't hold.

Yes yes yes, I think this whole situation can be solved verbally... no need to -

... is this the right way to save our ruined economy anyway...?