Gee Watts - Premature Hate (2013)

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Gee Watts - Premature Hate lyrics

Money over bitchies
We all let them in house
Bitchies 'aint shit
They got just diging from my bones
Digga from my go
Either i won't trust 'em
Just fuck 'em and fuck 'em
Never love 'em just lost her
Day by day i feel my worm heart turn in colder
My pap tell get your money right
Wake all this nigga game as early
Be carefull you see how your ant and your cousin
For all you got
Watch an the lies never let you sleeping
What you do to all this bitches
You let in grab your heart
Step in your game up
Fuck this bitchies
Don't trust this bitchies
Daddy always tell me that the money is over hores
This is how I know
And always try to fight
She ask me hwo I said to do
I said don't worry about it
She like let me give you a game
Do you hear what i'm saying
Look at me way all that blood on your face?
Next time when you winn a fight you better not never walk away
In that night when my mamma introduce me to the ..
Cool go to school
You got to use it before they catch you
Fuck this niggas
Love will get you kill sick
Don't trust these niggas
If you got a problem nigga better solve it
Let it poop
Fuck this niggas
Growing up and fuck this nigga
Love will get you kill sick
Don't trust this niggas
If you got a problem nigga better solve it
So we grab the clock and let it poop
Nigga fuck this niggas
Deep in my head i'm so hot i'm grop my masck
But instead I got ...
Secret missions to keep nigga take places from the way back
Realy fast to keep us from ...
I love my women and my doughter
They're bouth beautiful women
My mamma and my sister
So it's never fuck bitchies
In same time
Asking me if i was fine
When only said she's glad
I stop commit so many crimes
He is never brake
No matter what is never fake it
Hit the love inside your her voice
So i know it never flake
So i wait to that trigar
Now I understant the plan