Gazette - Carry? lyrics

The dearest fiance is me
It whisper in sweet voice
You are having already died...
I did not find a translation
Me reflected in a mirror
Her who looks at it and cries
Please let me know someone
I am in shuch a figure why...

Carry... can you love such me?
Carry... may in a side all the time?
Carry... you don't already cry
Carry... I do not go anywhere

Who made me such figure?
It is a already many
To die, if it was such a thing is easier
It is a too pitiable and is too unhappy...
I am not a ghost
Its gives without seeing me by such eye
I have really become what?
The head is likely to be crazy
Please help me,,,It will die
Doesn't it understand? You are already dead...

It remembered at last At that time I was dead?
At that time it jumped down from building and died
Carry... I love you forever...
Carry... Good bye dearest you...