Gather - Glimpses Of Hope lyrics

It's times like these, which come more often than I'd like / when it's almost impossible to look on the brightside / Everything I love, all I hold sacred, is threatened--doomed to be taken / It's rare I see beauty without thinking of it's inevitable end, how so much has been lost, or all that could have been / But I can't forgeet the glimpses of hope or the ones who refuse to give up / Time and time again, we've seen that a few with dedication can make great change, can bring about liberation / Cages cut open in the night / Animals run free for the first time / An act of love that saves lives / Corporations that seemed untouchable are now exposed and vulnerable / HLS on the brink of collapse due to uncompromising pressure from SHAC / In a world of insensitivity there is hope for the defenseless / The ones who have been caught, and those who remain unseen believe in the cause enough to risk everything / Those who've been caught, those who remain are the ones who will set the world free