Gasoline Lollipops - Princess And The Peasant lyrics

Sunday morning and the sun warmed the air.
At the county down everyone was there.
The king and queen stood admiring the day.
They didn't notice that the princess had slipped away.
Through the stables, she moved as silent as air
To the boy wearing rags and with tousled hair.
They hid up in the loft where the Mourning Doves nest.
She cried softly as he laid his head upon her breast.
She cried, "My love, I had a dream last time I slept.
The kingdom went to war and no prisoners were kept
And I believe that a fight is drawing nigh
So meet me here at midnight, 'cause I don't want to die."
Later that night her thoughts drifted away
To the gypsy boy and how he'd take her away.
After supper one of the stable men pulled the king aside
And he told him of how his daughter was to be a peasant's bride.
The king refused that she marry outside of royal blood,
"No daughter of mine is going to marry out of love."
In a drunken rage the king kicked in her door,
Grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her across the floor,
Up to the tower and into her cell,
"The only thing you've managed to marry is your hell."
Now the princess is locked inside of her chamber
With walls of stone and the smell of danger.
Silent as air she walks across the room
And looks out her window right into the face of doom.
A thousand troops with armor polished bright,
Under the moon look like a fire burning in the night.
The church bells chime to the witching hour
As the princess is heard screaming from her tower.
She cries, "My love if you hear me, please go on alone
And my love will go with you though my body's trapped in stone.
Our dreams aren't coming true and there's nothing we can do
But if they save someone, please let it be you."