Gary Stadler - Midwinter lyrics

Feel us now, we are the stars
Feel us now, we are the sea
Feel us now as the magic flowing withing your heart
We are the wind that kisses the trees

We come softly through the night
As evening falls behind us
Our footsteps leave no mark upon the snow
Let your spirit go, it will find us

We come adorned in spider web and dew
Through woodland to the meadow
We come luminous and bright
Dancing with the light and the shadow

The winter moon is calling us to play
A sacred light to guide us
The wild music leads us in a trance
Spinning to the dances inside us

The air is cold and echoes with the sound
Of laughter rising higher
With drums and bells, we sing into the night
Dancing in the light of the fire

We weave a music curiously pure
A crystal song suspended
We fly on wings diaphanous as light
Dancing till the long night is ended

We come ancient as the moon
As new as every season
We come as fire, as icicle, as leaf
Suspend your disbelief and your reason

Feel us now surrounding you
We are the wind that kisses the trees
Feel us now inside of you
A fairy heart that's guiding you home