Gameface - Gibberish lyrics

...and I'd say "Please excuse me I feel like complaining I know it's useless but it can be entertaining I've got this idea and I can't get it out of my mind and you know you're gonna hear it a million times until it's perfect, then it's forgotten, look at me I'm hilarious--at least to one of us. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever out grow each other or these baggy clothes who know if we'll still be together times are changing. sincerity may go out of style--you make me feel like a rockstar, I know somtimes I make you cry, sometimes I understand why--I was just thinking about how mush this sucks and how I need a haircut, what record should I buy? and what was up with that guy? are you gonna eat that? I haven't eaten all week and I know you'll save me the last piece"