Game - Wouldn't Get Far (live on Jay Leno 02.07) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro: samples from "I'd Find You Anywhere"]
, For you baby, I'd find you [4X]
, You wouldn't get...
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Game - Wouldn't Get Far (live on Jay Leno 02.07) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro: samples from "I'd Find You Anywhere"]
ZH: [介绍:"我会找到你任何地方"从样本]

EN: For you baby, I'd find you [4X]
ZH: 为你的孩子,我会找到你 [4 X]

EN: You wouldn't get far
ZH: 你不会走远

EN: [The Game]
ZH: [游戏]

EN: I done been around the world, been around the block
ZH: 我做过被世界各国、 各地块已

EN: Been around hoes that fucked Biggie and 'Pac
ZH: 到处都操大不了的锄头和 ' 政府帐目委员会

EN: Like Vida Guerrera, ass took her to the top
ZH: 像本文作者维达,屁股带她到顶部

EN: She'll give you some brains you let her throw up the Roc
ZH: 她会给你一些你让她吐,中华民国的大脑

EN: Let her put on your chain, she'll throw you some cock
ZH: 让她穿上您的链,她会把你扔一些公鸡

EN: Picture that like Meagan Good and Jamie Foxx
ZH: 图片,像米根好和杰米 · 福克斯

EN: Hype said it's a wrap, she still on the set
ZH: 炒作说: 它是自动换行,她仍在集上

EN: Putting oil on her likes like she Gloria Velez
ZH: 油放她喜欢像她格洛丽亚 · 贝莱斯

EN: She was (Eye Candy) in the XXL
ZH: 她在 XXL (眼睛糖果)

EN: Hopped off the page and on a skateboard with Pharrell
ZH: 跳离页面和与 Pharrell 滑板上

EN: I knew she {"wouldn't get far"} cause five hundred dollars
ZH: 我知道她 {"就不会走远"} 导致五百美元

EN: can't get you that {"far"} how you get that {"far"}
ZH: 不能让你 {""} 如何你走远,{"远"}

EN: And all these new video bitches trying to be Melissa Ford
ZH: 和所有这些新视频婊子,试图将梅丽莎福特

EN: But they don't know Melissa Ford drive a Honda Accord
ZH: 但他们不知道梅利莎福特驾驶本田雅阁

EN: She a video vixen, but behind closed doors
ZH: 她一位视频女郎,但闭门

EN: She do whatever it take to get to the Grammy Awards
ZH: 她做不管拿到格莱美奖

EN: Ha ha
ZH: 哈哈

EN: [Chorus: The Game]
ZH: [合唱: 游戏]

EN: {"You wouldn't get far"} Fucking them rap stars
ZH: {"你不会得到远"}他妈的他们说唱明星

EN: You know who you are, put your hands up ladies
ZH: 你知道你是谁,把你的手举起来女士

EN: {"You wouldn't get far"} If you kept your legs closed
ZH: {"你不会得到远"}如果你保持封闭你的双腿

EN: {"It would be just a waste of time"} But you know
ZH: {"它将只是浪费时间"}但你知道

EN: {"You wouldn't get far"} Fucking them rap stars
ZH: {"你不会得到远"}他妈的他们说唱明星

EN: You know who you are, I wrote this song for you
ZH: 你知道你是谁,我给你写这首歌

EN: {"For you baby, I'd find you"} For you
ZH: {"为你的孩子,我会找到你"}给你的

EN: And you, for alla y'all
ZH: 你的 alla 你们

EN: [Kanye West]
ZH: [Kanye] West

EN: For you... uhh..
ZH: 为你...呜...

EN: Pop quiz, how many topless, black foxes
ZH: 如何突击测验,许多裸照,黑狐狸

EN: did I have under my belt, like boxers
ZH: 根据我的皮带,像拳击手一样有吗

EN: Not to brag but, if it add up
ZH: 不是吹牛,但如果它添加

EN: One, two, nigga that's mad nuts
ZH: 一、 二、 黑鬼就是疯狂的坚果

EN: Game you mad nuts, how you gon' call out all these
ZH: 游戏你疯狂的坚果,如何你尼泊尔政府 ' 出所有这些调用

EN: bitches knowing damn well they gon' call me?
ZH: 该死的你知道他们尼泊尔政府的婊子 ' 给我打电话吗?

EN: The only dream, of that ghetto prom queen
ZH: 唯一的梦想,那犹太人区舞会皇后的

EN: was to make it to the screen, maybe get seen
ZH: 就是让它到屏幕,也许看过

EN: Maybe get chose by a nigga from my team
ZH: 选择也许获得了由一个黑鬼从我的团队

EN: Head so good he don't ask for a pre.. nup
ZH: 他不会问 pre 的头这么好...民族团结党

EN: Now ask yourself this question, umm
ZH: 现在问自己这个问题嗯

EN: Would you be with Jay-Z if he wasn't C-E-O
ZH: 你会带 Jay-Z 如果他不是 C-E-O

EN: Would you be with F-A-B-O if he drove a Neo
ZH: 你会用 F-A-B-O 如果他开一个近地物体吗

EN: Would you ride with Ne-Yo, if he was in a Geo
ZH: 如果他是在土力工程处你会骑与 Ne 哟,吗

EN: Well why the hell you think these bitches coming at me fo'?
ZH: 为什么你以为这些母狗来我火炭的井 ' 吗?

EN: But since they all fall in my palm, I take a trio
ZH: 但因为他们都落在我的掌心,我带三重奏

EN: Yo
ZH: 哟

EN: [Chorus - sub "mouth closed" for "legs closed"]
ZH: [合唱-子为"封闭的腿"的"闭口"]

EN: [The Game]
ZH: [游戏]

EN: I done had my share of bitches with long hair
ZH: 我了我的母狗与长长的头发的份额

EN: Short doo like Kalissa, Halle in "Boomerang" yeah
ZH: 短酷比像 Kalissa,"回旋镖"是在哈勒

EN: I been around the block in the Bentley drop top
ZH: 我一直围绕中宾利滴顶部的块

EN: In Miami Beach when Lil' Kim was fucking with Scott
ZH: 在迈阿密海滩,当 Lil' Kim 他妈的与斯科特

EN: I got the scoop on Hoops, whatever the case
ZH: 我舀上箍案件

EN: She'll let you spray in her face long as she Bathing Apes
ZH: 她会让你只要她沐浴猿喷在她的脸

EN: And ain't nobody trying to take Beyonce from Jay
ZH: 并不没有人想从 Jay 采取碧昂丝

EN: But I know a bitch named Superhead he fucked back in the day
ZH: 但我知道娘叫他干过早在一天的 Superhead

EN: The things niggaz do when pussy sitting on they face
ZH: 东西黑鬼做猫坐在他们面对的时候

EN: Stabbed Un in the stomach
ZH: 被刺在胃中的联合国

EN: She must have had a pussy like Wonder Woman, on that superhero shit
ZH: 她必须有超级英雄靠那像是不知道的女人娘

EN: Fly as Gabrielle Union in the back of my six, fo'
ZH: 加布里埃联盟作为在我六、 火炭飞 '

EN: Impala, forget the double D's
ZH: 黑斑羚,忘记双 D

EN: I put 'em right in your face like that model bitch Takara
ZH: 放右在你的脸像这样模型婊子宝

EN: And she ain't win the show but she riding in that Gallardo
ZH: 她不赢演出,但她坐在那加利亚多

EN: That's why I fuck 'em today and forget 'em tomorrow
ZH: 这就是为什么我操他们今天和明天忘记他们

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [The Game]
ZH: [游戏]

EN: God damn! Y'knahmsayin?
ZH: 神该死 !Y'knahmsayin 吗?

EN: I'm sitting back watching Kanye video
ZH: 我坐回观看 Kanye 视频

EN: And I see the same bitch that was in the homeboy Busta Rhymes video
ZH: 我看到是痞子伍佰视频中的同一婊子

EN: Then I flip the muh'fuckin channel
ZH: 然后我翻转 muh'fuckin 通道

EN: Checking out my uncle Snoop Dogg video
ZH: 签出我叔叔搏杀视频

EN: And I see the same BITCH, that was in my video! Y'knowhatI'msayin?
ZH: 我看到同样的婊子,那是在我的视频 !Y'knowhatI'msayin?

EN: And then y'knahmsayin, to make that even mo' fucked up
ZH: 然后 y'knahmsayin,使那甚至 mo' 一团糟

EN: I'm watching Oprah cover Hurricane Katrina
ZH: 我看着奥普拉盖卡特里娜飓风

EN: I see the same bitch on Oprah, floating away on the hood of a Camry
ZH: 奥普拉,漂浮着的引擎盖上的凯美瑞上看到相同的婊子

EN: That was in the nigga Lil Weezy video!
ZH: 那是在黑鬼 Lil Weezy 视频 !

EN: I mean DAMN! Everywhere I look
ZH: 我的意思是该死 !我看到哪里

EN: Everywhere I go I see the same hoes
ZH: 我到处都看同一锄头

EN: Don't get mad, I'm only being real
ZH: 不会生气,我只是真实

EN: Yeah
ZH: 是