Game - Rough (feat. Yelawolf) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Game - Verse 1]
, What do you do when life gets too hard for you
, Shed tears or is that to hard...
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Game - Rough (feat. Yelawolf) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Game - Verse 1]
ZH: [游戏-第 1 节]

EN: What do you do when life gets too hard for you
ZH: 生活对你来说也变得艰难的时候,你该怎么办

EN: Shed tears or is that to hard for you
ZH: 棚泪水或那对你很难

EN: I’m just a man, reflection of my family
ZH: 我只是一个人,反映了我的家人

EN: Meaning you ain’t gotta have one to understand me
ZH: 意思你不要有一个明白我做的

EN: I got kids, I got friends
ZH: 我有孩子,你的朋友

EN: Only difference between me and you is I don’t care bout this benz
ZH: 我和你之间的区别只在于此奔驰不在乎 bout

EN: I care about Will he was dying and he needed me
ZH: 我在乎的是将他快要死了,他需要我

EN: I care about the Grammy they gave Missy they cheated me
ZH: 我在乎的是他们给了小姑娘的格莱美他们骗了我

EN: But they cheated Drake, they cheated Justin Bieber
ZH: 但他们骗了德雷克,他们骗了贾斯汀 • 比伯

EN: Guess America don’t like Canada we some f-ckin heathens
ZH: 美国不喜欢加拿大的猜测我们一些 f ckin 异教徒

EN: Game can’t watch his mouth thats why his daddy beat him
ZH: 游戏不能看着他嘴里,这就是为什么他老爸打他

EN: Same mouth made him millions and now his daddy need him
ZH: 相同的嘴让他数以百万计,现在他需要他的爸爸

EN: Finally got a black president look at how they treat him
ZH: 终于有了黑人总统看看他们是如何对待他

EN: Kids starvin in Africa why only Oprah feed them?
ZH: 孩子们在非洲为什么只有奥普拉喂它们抹吗?

EN: What happened to the music that I know
ZH: 音乐时,我知道发生了什么

EN: I miss it, U2 I guess we feel like Bono
ZH: 错过了它,我们觉得像博诺的 U2

EN: [Game: Verse 2]
ZH: [游戏: 诗歌 2]

EN: The living, the dead
ZH: 生活,死去的人

EN: These Dre beats, my head
ZH: 这些 Dre 跳动,我的头

EN: My life, featuring Wayne
ZH: 我的生活,设有韦恩

EN: That was Jayceon, this is Game
ZH: 这是 Jayceon,这是游戏

EN: Adjacent to the fame aint chasing a damn thing
ZH: 毗邻名人堂不是追逐那些该死的事情

EN: So tonight let all of your pain be champagne
ZH: 所以今晚让你所有的痛苦有香槟

EN: I cant tame my killers but I can tell them chill
ZH: 我不能驯服杀害我的凶手,但我可以告诉他们寒意

EN: I might give you a pass depending how I feel
ZH: 我可能会给你一张通行证取决于我的感受

EN: The bi polar bear
ZH: Bi 北极熊

EN: They said the end of the World is comin I know it’s here
ZH: 他们说: 世界的尽头是进我知道就在这里

EN: Cuz California cold this year
ZH: 因为加州冷今年

EN: Detox, R.E.D
ZH: 排毒 R.E.D

EN: MC’s dead
ZH: MC 的死

EN: Kill them softly like Lauren Hill
ZH: 温柔地杀了他们像劳伦希尔

EN: Skin heads goin K-K-Krazy cuz a n-gga in a foreign wheel
ZH: 皮肤元首走 K-K-疯狂因为 n gga 在一个外国的轮子

EN: We all born to die, some of us born to kill
ZH: 我们都出生死亡,我们中的一些出生要杀

EN: If that don’t wake you up I hope tomorrow morning will
ZH: 如果这不醒你希望明天早上会

EN: [Yelawolf: Verse 3]
ZH: [Yelawolf: 诗歌 3]

EN: Never I thought I’d see the day when I, would roll up in the parking lot
ZH: 我没想到我会看到那天当我,会卷起来在停车场

EN: And having people comin up to me for a photograph of the shit I talk about
ZH: 我有阵给我一张你的照片的人谈

EN: Yela can I get an autograph Alabama so proud that we just can’t wait
ZH: 业可以我得到签名阿拉巴马州骄傲我们不能等

EN: Congrats on the Shady deal, any news on the release date?
ZH: 恭喜上肮脏的交易,任何新闻的发布日期吗?

EN: I told them what I can, shake another hand sign another autograph it’s cool
ZH: 我告诉他们我所能、 摇动另一只手另一个签名它的标志就是酷

EN: Got fans gettin inked up, they de-cater to me I love you too
ZH: 有球迷得到签署了起来,他们除名迎合我我也爱你

EN: Got 3000 too, the spirit of rock and roll
ZH: 也有 3000 的摇滚精神

EN: Long barrell .38 loaded I’m John Wayne in Geronimo
ZH: 长的枪管点 38 加载我在 Geronimo 约翰 · 韦恩

EN: So I dont really know whats got some these p-ssies panties in a ball
ZH: 所以我真的不知道什么是有一些这些 p ssies 内裤在一个球

EN: Cuz I never done shit but get better and believin’ in God
ZH: 因为我从来没有做妈的但得到更好的和 believin' 的神

EN: And leavin’ my mom at 15 with a dream and a cross
ZH: 和同一个梦想和一个十字架在 15 离开我妈

EN: A cross that I didn’t see until I was nailed to it for believin’ at all
ZH: 我没看到直到被钉在它上的坚信在所有跨

EN: That I could ever be accepted the way I saw it
ZH: 我绝不能接受的方式,我看到它

EN: I mean I knew it would be hard but really come on yall
ZH: 我知道它将会硬,但真的来馀

EN: Oh I’m a redneck? F-CK YOU tatted on my neck
ZH: 哦我是个大老粗呢?F-CK 你铭刻在我的脖子上

EN: I’ll sip high life in a can at the grammys now add that to my rep
ZH: 我会喝一罐在格莱美奖的高生活现在加到我的代表

EN: Bitch!
ZH: 这个婊子!