Game - California lyrics

Palm trees and beautiful women
Dropped out fan now this is living
Started off chopping cracking in my grandma kitchen
You all know that so let's get down to business
Out of town? Be aware of what you wear
Your son is from New York but we don't care
The cribs the blocks the S8 the ..
What you know about Cali and everything I ..
Nigger I make the dinner you be sure to ... the plate
For .. double your weight
For Snoop Dogg Dr. Dre niggers love us
The bitches you mean these bitches bouncing in my back seat
In my .. switches? They ride with the king a California king
If it ain't about that it ain't bottom fucking thing
I am living the American dream
.. but I don't sing paparazzi if you know what I mean
You are thinking freaky but I am talking Christina Milian
Sucked a million dicks but still sold a million
Bitch trying to get a ride like Milian
I know you are like what just gotta do in LA
Bitch tried to fuck me and she almost fucked Dre so

Yeah slowly shit down
I am gonna let California fuck you know
That's right
No California nigger
Big dick big truck big .. big guns
We'll fuck you all night
Straight R&B
Black .. we don't play no games
After 4 hours we'll fuck you all nigger
I got the houses here Miami condo New York condo and... Beverly Hills
Look down the street a Range Rover and Bentley of fans is passing by
As the wind blows through my mother fucker face
Nigger know what it is with me nigger
California king for life and that's for life
Don't give a fuck what a nigger say

Let me introduce you to something you are not used to
I am California's future seat back watch what I do to
These ..I just place and my spit crack
I got ... you can't afford maybe ..
My flow is outta this word like California's .. I came to the rescue
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First time Snoop Dogg ever heard me spit.. Damn, nephew
That was five eleven forth I was six years I am ahead of my time
I'll let you ...bitch me caught me in the ..
Is too much game I am outta my mind
That's how I rhyme
I bet you niggers wanna hear me say that one more time
Bitch me caught me in the ..
Is too much game I am outta my mind
Outta my soul and I haven't had body experience since I was 7 years old
Look at California it ain't scared gotta do ...
My paps is like .. uncles in my .. never fight fair
20 years later I am right here.. all white ears
Let a nigger step on it I'm gonna go cliff on them.. on them
...fuck with the .. I am from the .. game
I'm an .. you told me to so I spit it
.. I am sick with it so nigger admit it
You'll never be game
Never be pop never be doggy Dogg
I don't know why you spit it cause nigger you ain't shit
You write the .. nigger suck my dick, hytman
Heard that before first mail man left and I've seen ..door
Came in through the back nobody can't stop him
Not EVE Busta Rhyme or Rock Kid
And bust my nigger so I will never ..fuck over any of the rapper
With .. in my system who won it not ..
I am .. like trigger
I am naughty but ..
I can't say whatever cause I made .. I'll be richer
And he get richer every time I call you a bitch ass nigger
Let .. I am gonna catch him in the club open the Champ
Cause i ride it down for this Cali shit break a nigger off proper like a .. bitch
I'm gonna nigger down like a brick in the wall
I am notorious like Biggy Small
I know he's from New York but he like me
Last thing I wanna do for a DIE is
Look at look at look at California (repeats)