Game - Belee Dat (feat. Lil Wayne) (Radio Rip) (2011)

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Game - Belee Dat (feat. Lil Wayne) (Radio Rip) lyrics

Can you believe that?
Can you believe that?
Belee dat!

[Verse 1 - Game]
The way that paint drippin it’s gonna be a bloody summer
22 inches, all-red everything, that’s Soo Woo business
Holla atchya 5 4 3 2 1 bitch in the coppet
And my knot’s sick – ill
I’ve got a million in my maze
Red Cardinal fitted, bitches feel me in the ?
Red rubies in my watch and my chain
Catch me in Wade County, I’m the king like James
Throwing the red flags like I’m charging on the play
Tune – this shit retarded, I need a red helmet
And I’m all about my cake: red velvet
You can’t help it, gotta see what I got
It’s like Ripley’s: Believe it or Not
You tell me

Can you believe that?
Belee dat!

[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
I’m a B, believe that
Stop playing, I go hard, I go He Man
Young Tune, break em off like a tree branch
Putting you in hot water: tea bag
All-black Maybach, part ?
And I just ordered your girlfriend some kneepads
Can you believe the unbelievable?
Bitch, I’m higher than Venus. Serena too..
Yeah, Game, holla atchya: Soo Woo!
Young Money bitch, we cold like two scoops
That bitch ?
Gotta make them a believer