Galena - Body Language (2014)

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Galena - Body Language lyrics

In a split second, blink of an eye
I feel you close, in my mind you are mine
Say yes, yes, yes.

Our bodies speak, you're turning me on
Come, come close to me, my soul
Say yes, yes, yes.

Just turn around and look at me
And let my body read your mind
Just let the vibes speak to you
Our souls connecting into one.

Feel our bodies moving in time
Can't you see you're blowing my mind?
Touch me, see me, feel me right now
Body language, body language.

Imagine your hands on my body now
Don't take my ... just let me observe
Say yes, yes, yes.

My heart beats faster, not turning back
Just melt into one, get lost in time
Say yes, yes, yes.