Gaby And The Thurstones - Fragile Heart lyrics

Instantly, the world was breathing
As the light spilled over the land
Through its veins, the rivers cleaving
Their paths despite earth's lament
And that earth convulsed, its birth unplanned
Terra tethered loosely to a fragile heart beset

We awoke to sudden beauty
As the skies dressed themselves in gold
And the stars began their wooing
While we watched the world unfold
Every moon beam etched on canvas forever old
But, the lights were dimming, and our hearts grew ever cold

And the rain, it came upon us like a plague in darkest night
Indefinitely, our way was lost in mother's great device
Her fragile heart struggling for every beat
Every step was endured by weary feet

Born of the angels and borne by wind's affair
They gathered, all together, to sing the world's despair
To witness all that writ in verse undone
For in darkness, all air and earth are one