Gaby And The Thurstones - Alpenglow lyrics

Meet me in the alpenglow
Where the smell of dew hangs over the earth
And the mist of morning rises slowly
As the sun flaunts its rebirth

"Only the sun can die and rise anew"
You say with a tilt of your head
"For all i'd like to know of you
We might as well have just met"

Meet me at the top of the world
As the earth comes to life
Day reveals valleys unfurled
And the river turns blue with the sky

Listen as the perching birds sing
Proclaiming that they're alive
And seeking all that harmony brings
In their intrinsic will to survive

Listen to the murmuring breeze
That tells the tales of the land
Through the whistling sea and the rustling trees
It whispers ethereal secrets and plans

Watch the clouds rolling by
Weaving through peaks in the distance
Relentless as the passing of time
That validates our existence

As the horizon starts to reclaim the light
Colors emerge and the world heaves a sigh
Prismic hues stream brightly
Like strokes on a canvas sky

Meet me in the alpenglow
When the sun has gone to its bed
There is beauty in this, I know
All good things must come to an end