Gabe Hascall - Just Dust lyrics

The reminders sound like a bull horn in space
And I don't hear nothing but clicks from the wall clock
Counting in circles to keep up the pace
And then someone starts standing outside singing

Knock, knock, and the shades are drawn
And, the picture's perfect

Reasons occurred to me when I was sleeping
But I can't remember the goods of it right now
Wrapped up in plastic and kept for safe keeping
The refridgerator is humming so sad

Cuz it's real cold, and the contents
Are real old, for a moment
The clock stops, for a minute
The dogs bark my name

Numbers are likely to add up and subtract
Unlikely are drips in the sink to quit dripping
The distractions work well, but sometimes they distract
And the sentences sound right enough to believe

And blue skies, and darkness
And good-byes, and good mornings
The next day, is tomorrow
And the past is, just dust.