GQ - The Town (2013)

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GQ - The Town lyrics

Please, give me if I'm not stressing
always shit that don't matter,
compliments don't get me flattered,
what's ..for a nigga who live in average,
in the basement just waiting for that addict,
still I'm addict, I'm in my lean more than will practice,
on point they white it down, just like a kill cactus,
I feel backwards in the best f*ck the weather,
nights kept me up, set me up for something better
got a stomach full of butterflies I wonder why
remember sitting and wining, wishing for summer skies,
turn shicks, worth deep, probably cut her guy,
probably sharin my world with this feelings that I promise eyes
pop look at me, I persevere,
my mama look at me and version sees,
she only happy when her son happy,
and sally I've been hurt for yeas,
but lately I've been working here,
and for the record I keep driving until I recon me
life hold me, controlably until I ex it,
my partner trippin, say is life, got them feeling workless,

I know you wring can see it life, we all got a purpose,
fresh out of school, tryin to get my head right
this all happen, run and in the same time I'm at knife,
at the point that have me feelin when I was stuck inside,
years later I'm in bright lady touching lives.
when granny dies I swear seeing my cousin cry,
tell em I'm just the uncle nigga, what's the sudden prize,
overcome an aggravation, take em still pissed at myself fermissing you graduation
I guess it will be intuition my mind told me,
rocking roll and I'm bind..their eyes on me,
with a success, my neck twist,
all door go to heaven try to..ex this,
shit, funny how it all click,
perfect, I ..water till it all hit the surface,
loving everything that I desire to,
looking in the sky till my eyes blue,
it's more than just a beat that I can rhyme to,
heaven out the window I just climb through,
thank you!