G-Unit - Wanna Get To Know You (feat. Joe) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Joe
, I wanna get to know you
, (I really want to thug you baby)
, one dose of your loven
, (I...
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G-Unit - Wanna Get To Know You (feat. Joe) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Joe
ZH: 乔

EN: I wanna get to know you
ZH: 我想要了解你

EN: (I really want to thug you baby)
ZH: (我真的希望暴徒到你的宝宝)

EN: one dose of your loven
ZH: 一个剂量的您 loven

EN: (I really must drive you crazy)
ZH: (真的必须让你疯狂)

EN: I wanna be your lover
ZH: 我想要你的情人

EN: (I wanna just command you baby)
ZH: (我想只是命令你宝贝)

EN: one dose of your loven
ZH: 一个剂量的您 loven

EN: (I really must drive you crazy)
ZH: (真的必须让你疯狂)

EN: Young buck
ZH: 年轻的家伙

EN: I love it how you look in my eyes
ZH: 我爱它如何你看我的眼睛

EN: swingin them hips when you pass
ZH: 临走他们臀部传递时

EN: I'm visualizin my name tattooed on that ass baby
ZH: 我是 visualizin 我的名字纹在屁股宝宝

EN: jump on this harley
ZH: 跳上这哈雷

EN: and lets go smoke some of that bob marley
ZH: 和让我们去的那一些鲍勃 · 马利的烟

EN: sip some bacardi then go pull up at the after party
ZH: sip 一些百加得然后在之后派去拉

EN: I think we make a perfect couple but you think I'm trouble
ZH: 我觉得我们做完美的一对,但你觉得我是麻烦

EN: maybe thats the reason you gave me the wrong number
ZH: 也许这是你给了我错了号码的原因

EN: she got me feelin like maybe she the wrong woman
ZH: 她让我感觉像也许是她的错的女人

EN: think Ima be chasin a chicken head you on sumtin
ZH: 认为 Ima 将 chasin 鸡你头上见我的心声

EN: your toes painted hair fixed all the time
ZH: 你的脚趾绘头发固定所有的时间

EN: and you gucci boots the same color as mine
ZH: 和你 gucci 靴子地雷一样的颜色

EN: if you read between the lines you can see that I want you I bet I'll have you doin what you said that you wont do
ZH: 如果你读了线之间你可以看到我想你肯定会做什么是你说过你不会做

EN: make a decision shorty good things dont last long
ZH: 作出决定的甜蜜蜜好东西不要持续太久

EN: your girlfriend keeps showin me that thong
ZH: 你的女朋友保持舒我的丁字裤

EN: before I head home Ima stop at your house n' blow the horn
ZH: 我在你的房子 n 头回家 Ima 停止之前 ' 吹响号角

EN: if you come outside you know its on
ZH: 如果你来外面你知道其上

EN: Holla atcha boy
ZH: 半空相依男孩

EN: chorus x2
ZH: 合唱 x 2

EN: lloyd banks
ZH: 劳埃德银行

EN: Bitches be frusterated with the baller wonder why I dont call her
ZH: 女人有时会与我为什么不给她打电话的叫号奇迹 frusterated

EN: maybe because I'm busy n' she need someone to stall her
ZH: 也许因为我忙着 n' 她需要有人来拖住她

EN: it gets annoying from time to time i gotta ignore her
ZH: 它获取令人讨厌,不时会理她

EN: inorder her to let her know we friends and nothing more
ZH: 为了她,让她知道我们朋友们并没有什么更多

EN: she loves it when I'm intown
ZH: 她很喜欢我是 intown

EN: hate it when I'm not around
ZH: 讨厌它时我不在身边

EN: i get her and where it down
ZH: 我让她在哪里它下来

EN: nextdoor neighbors hear the sound
ZH: 隔壁邻居听到声音

EN: pictures hittin the ground
ZH: 星座地面的图片

EN: its enough to hold us down
ZH: 其足够我们按住

EN: I'm stickin n' movin cruisin after the 3rd round
ZH: 我是闪 n' movin 后第 3 个圆 cruisin

EN: just lay back baby and let me drive you crazy
ZH: 只是躺回宝贝,让我开车送你疯了

EN: I could make a 40 year old feel like a young lady
ZH: 我可以让一位年轻女士 40 岁觉得

EN: I admit I fell inlove with a frame
ZH: 我承认我坠入情网与帧

EN: and to make her feel special I let her call me by my government name her panties wet over fame fell inlove with my chain
ZH: 让她感觉特别我让她给我打电话我的政府名她的内裤湿在名人堂落情网与我的链

EN: I wonder if I wasn't an entertainer would she remain
ZH: 我不知道是否我不是艺人她仍将

EN: surroundin me houndin me tryin to be my only
ZH: surroundin 我 houndin 我远行我唯一

EN: I'm not your boyfriend I'm your homie.
ZH: 我不是你的男朋友我是你的同胞。

EN: chorus x2
ZH: 合唱 x 2

EN: 50 cent
ZH: 50%

EN: You know what fuck me up more watchin her lick her lips or watchin her walk she hypnotize me with her hips man
ZH: 你知道什么干我能更多地看着她舔她的嘴唇或看着她我跟她催眠她走路臀部的男人

EN: I'll sweet talk if she like
ZH: 如果她喜欢我就甜言蜜语

EN: cause all she realy want is a nigga to treat her right, right
ZH: 她真的想要所有的原因是黑鬼来治疗她的权利

EN: look I'm legit now I use to break laws
ZH: 听着我合法现在我用来打破的法律

EN: now you could reap the benifits of world tours
ZH: 现在你可以收获世界巡演的好处

EN: big house big benz girl its yours
ZH: 大房子大奔驰女孩其你

EN: Mink coats italian shoes stones with no flaws
ZH: 水貂大衣意大利鞋石头没毛病

EN: you aint got to look like a model for me to adore you
ZH: 你不是要看起来像一个我很喜欢你的模型

EN: all you gotta do is love me and be loyal
ZH: 你要做的就是爱我忠诚

EN: dont indulge in my past fuck what happened before you
ZH: 不要沉溺于我过去他妈在你之前发生了什么事

EN: cuz there be some honey's gonna hate you that never saw you
ZH: 因为那里是一些蜂蜜要恨你从没见过你

EN: come here let me touch on you I'll let you touch on me
ZH: 来这里让我抚摸你我会让你碰我

EN: put my tongue on you you put your tongue on me
ZH: 你把我的舌头放在你把舌头放在我

EN: let me ride on you n you can ride on
ZH: 让我骑你 n 你可以骑上

EN: we could do it all night we can have a baller night
ZH: 我们能做得整晚我们可以有一个芭蕾舞团的夜晚

EN: chorus x2
ZH: 合唱 x 2