G-Unit - Stunt 101 (Remix) (Video Mix) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Chorus]
, [50 Cent]
, I'll teach you how to stunt
, My wrists stay rocked up
, My TV's pop up in...
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G-Unit - Stunt 101 (Remix) (Video Mix) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [50 Cent]
ZH: [50%]

EN: I'll teach you how to stunt
ZH: 教你如何特技

EN: My wrists stay rocked up
ZH: 我的手腕留动摇了

EN: My TV's pop up in a Maybach benz
ZH: 我的电视在迈巴赫奔驰中弹出

EN: I'll teach you how to stunt
ZH: 教你如何特技

EN: Nigga you can't see me
ZH: 黑鬼你看不见我

EN: My Bentley GT got smoke-gray tints
ZH: 我的宾利 GT 有烟灰色色调

EN: I'll teach you how to stunt
ZH: 教你如何特技

EN: My neck stay blinging, my rims stay gleaming, I'm shining man
ZH: 我的脖子逗留 blinging 我轮辋留闪闪发光的我闪亮的男人

EN: I'll teach you how to stunt
ZH: 教你如何特技

EN: I see you scheming, nigga keep on dreaming, I hurt ya man!
ZH: 我看到你诡计多端,黑鬼保持在做梦,我伤害了你的男人 !

EN: I'll teach you how to stunt
ZH: 教你如何特技

EN: [50 Cent]
ZH: [50%]

EN: Seven series BM, Six series benz
ZH: 七个系列 BM,六个系列奔驰

EN: Twenty-four inches, Giovanni rims
ZH: 24 英寸,乔瓦尼轮辋

EN: R-1, one wheel when I'm on one of them
ZH: R-1,当我在他们其中之一上一轮

EN: Ma, that boy out there actin a fool that's him
ZH: 马,那个男孩出去那里肌动蛋白是他的傻瓜

EN: They say I've changed man, I'm getting paper, I'm flashy
ZH: 他们说我变了的人,我要纸,我是浮华

EN: They like me better when I'm fucked up and ashy
ZH: 他们更喜欢我时我耍起来和天火。

EN: My royalty check's the rebirth of Liberace
ZH: 我的版税的支票的重生的利贝雷茨

EN: Stunt so hard, everybody got to watch me
ZH: 特技太难,大家都得看着我

EN: And I don't really care if it's platinum or white gold
ZH: 我真的不在乎如果是白金或白金

EN: As long as the VS bling, look at that light show
ZH: 只要 VS 金光闪闪,看看那光显示

EN: In the hood they say Fifty man your sneaker look right yo
ZH: 在引擎盖他们说五十人右您运动鞋看哟

EN: Just can't believe Reebok did a deal with a psycho
ZH: 只是不敢相信锐步做了一项协议和一个精神病

EN: Banks is a sure thing, yall niggaz might blow
ZH: 银行是肯定,馀黑鬼可能吹

EN: I'm fittin to drop that, so I suggest you lay low
ZH: 我伪装下降,所以我建议你保持低调

EN: Buc, he from Cashville, Tenneckee nigga
ZH: Buc,他从 Cashville,Tenneckee 黑鬼

EN: Getting them ten of keys, save ten for me nigga
ZH: 让他们十键,保存为我的十个黑鬼

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Lloyd Banks]
ZH: [劳埃德银行]

EN: I'm sensing a lot of tension now that I'm rappin
ZH: 现在,我是前骂你,我感觉很紧张

EN: But the kids used to look up to you, what happened?
ZH: 但用于查找到你的孩子,发生了什么吗?

EN: Me on the contrary, hand covered with platinum
ZH: 我与此相反,手覆盖着白金

EN: Different color coupes but I'm in love with the black one
ZH: 不同的颜色跑车但我爱上了黑色一

EN: On point, cuz you get R.I.P.'s when slacking
ZH: 关于点,因为你得到安息的时候懈怠

EN: So the stashbox big enough to squeeze the mack in
ZH: 所以大到足以挤 mack stashbox

EN: Yeah, I'm fairly new but I demand some respect
ZH: 是的我是相当新的但我要求一些尊重

EN: Cuz I already wear your advance on my neck
ZH: 因为我已经在我的脖子上戴您提前

EN: I'm fresh off the jet, then I breeze to the beaches
ZH: 我刚喷射,然后我到海滩的微风

EN: Blue yankee fitted, G-Unit sneakers
ZH: 蓝装,洋基 G 股运动鞋

EN: I already figured out what to do with all my features
ZH: 我已经想好要做我的所有功能

EN: Decorate the basement, full of street sweepers
ZH: 装饰的地下室,充分的扫街工人

EN: When it comes to stuntin' theres nothing you can teach us
ZH: 当它来到 stuntin' 有什么你可以教我们

EN: We're in a different time zone, your records don't reach us
ZH: 我们在不同的时区,您的记录,不达我们

EN: Naww, I ain't here to save the world, just roll up a blunt
ZH: 天国,我不是要拯救世界,只是卷起钝器

EN: Come with me out front, I'LL TEACH YOU HOW TO STUNT
ZH: 跟我走前面,我会教你如何到特技

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Young Buc]
ZH: [年轻 Buc]

EN: Chain so icy, you don't have to like me
ZH: 链如此冰冷,你不需要像我这样

EN: In a throwback jersey, with the throwback nikes
ZH: 在倒退泽西,与复古耐克鞋

EN: I know you probably seen me with Cash Money from back in the days
ZH: 我知道你可能见过我用现金钱从后面在天

EN: The only thing changed is the numbers on the range
ZH: 唯一改变的是范围上的数字

EN: I bought me an old school and blew out the brains
ZH: 我给我买了一本学校旧和灭了大脑

EN: The Roc the Mic tour, I threw off my chain
ZH: 中华民国麦克风之旅,我掉我的链

EN: My sprewell's spinning man, I'm doing my thing
ZH: 我的比分纺纱的男人,我做我的事

EN: And whodi now in trouble now that you in the game
ZH: 错觉现在在麻烦现在那你在游戏中

EN: Come on now, we all know gold is getting old
ZH: 行了,我们都知道黄金老

EN: The ice in my teeth keep the crystal cold
ZH: 在我的牙齿冰保持水晶冷

EN: G-Unit homie, actin' like yall don't know
ZH: G 股老乡馀装作不知道

EN: Look, I can't even walk through the mall no more
ZH: 你看,我不能连走通过商场没有更多

EN: I just pull up, get out, and get all the hoes
ZH: 我只是拉上来,拿出来吧,和让所有锄头

EN: They never seen door let up on a car before
ZH: 他们从来没见过不忘带上一辆车的门

EN: Don't be mad at me dog, that's all I know
ZH: 狗不会生我的气,就是我知道

EN: That's how to show these fougaisies how it's supposed to go
ZH: 那是如何显示这些 fougaisies 它怎么去

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]