G. Love & Special Sauce (featuring Ben Harper & Ma - Let the Music Play lyrics

Let the music play (play) ...
The sun is up you know its hot
No sense in worrying about what you ain't got
Talk is talk action is action
Just trying to find my soul some satisfaction
Gotta take it easy so easy

Tired of all this runnin' and bringin' runnin' 'round
Time to jump on thee outside I'll hit the under ground
Better take a little second and check on that
'Cause if not then you'll be burnin' out

We oughta take it easy...

Something's gotta give...

Let the music play (play)

Bring on your music
Bring on your song
Let the music play all night

Turn on your music
Turn down the lights
Let the music jam all night
Let it treat you right, rock you right, do you right
Get it right now
On and on...