G Herbo - The Drop (2016)

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G Herbo - The Drop lyrics

This is dirty Sprite right here man like Future handed me this motherfucker. You already know what it is, this is G Herbo. 150 dream team man, I stay leanin', codeinin', promethazinin'. This shit ain't a habit no more, this shit like a lifestyle, a way of life now. Check it

[Verse 1]
Since Instagram say everybody ballers and shot callers
Why the world not a better place?
I used to fuck with niggas round the city, across the state
But niggas fake
Ain't tryna sip, just let me buy the eight
I tell myself even though I got a lot of niggas
But name a nigga filthy rich around a bunch of niggas
Don't get me wrong I love my niggas and I trust my niggas
But add up all my savages man that's a quick 50
Get rich or die tryin' way before I hit 50
And then reach out to all my niggas like "get rich with me"
And there nigga that's my mans got to understand
If I say yes every time my bands ain't gonna stand a chance
But all my niggas hustlers, they givin' grams out
So customers the only people with they hands out
(?) keep a 9, Moody got a bankroll
Tayski stackin' guap, G Money shit can't fold
Broke niggas, we ain't those, ay
You already know man, it's G fuckin' Herbo. 150 dream team the campaign man. And I'm sippin' lean right now, straight drop. I can't stop. I said I was gonna stop man, I don't know I be goin' through a lot of shit man so these fours be easin' my pain. I say I'm gon' stop this to save a little money cause this shit cost you know?

[Verse 2]
Act up, get a face hole
All my niggas want is face shots
They can't wait to get the jakes hot
And I'm sippin' straight drop
Since 15 I've been leaned off codeine
And years later, shit I ain't stopped
If I already cracked the top that shit ain't pop
In high school I'm late as fuck, woke up at 8 o'clock
Teach like "Wright you late again, oh what perfect timing"
"No complete assignments, let me guess you was grinding?"
I'm like well matter of fact you right, I am fresh off the grind
I am gon' do something with my life, I am fresh off the nine
I am a statistic, yeah I dropped out of school
But unlike you man, I'ma go do what I gotta do
I ain't go get a job and take a check somebody givin' me
I'ma leave the house and then come back with 0 energy
Pocket full of cash and a neck full of gold
Let my momma thumb through somethin' every time, nigga

[Interlude 2]
I think I ran through all that money on lean not cause it was a trend or cause other niggas doin' that shit man but because that's what I wanna do. I'ma do whatever I want that make me happy and that's pertaining to anything in my life man. I feel like anybody should just do what make them happy and let no body judge you, look

[Verse 3]
I promise man I'm finna go insane but I ain't tryin'
Everybody tryna sell a nigga dreams but I ain't buyin'
Can somebody tell me what the fuss about man, I ain't signed
If I deal with an advance, shit ain't nobody give me mine
And the shit they handin' out, I ran through that like 50 times
Shit 60 matter of fact, I spent like 50 on the Act'
Think G Herbo fresh as fuck? Yeah all my fits at least a stack
Niggas think it's only rap
30 clips in every strap
They wanna go? I'm ready
Like the levies, they try and wet me
Plus I'm leanin' heavy
So they think it's easy to catch me
Better think again
Got it on me and I'm focused, finna drink again
Lost my homie and it still ain't really sinkin' in
I just pray we link again
Thought we knew it all except the part we was drinkin' in
I'ma Crush killer, Fanta fiend, spillin' the Sprite
Turn a pint of lean over now it's called a cream soda

You smear that Activis bottle. The younger sensation is not there you know? Oh that's drank. When that Activis stop I had to stop, all that red, yellow, I smelt that