G Herbo - Shook (2018)

G Herbo - Shook (2018)
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G Herbo - Shook lyrics
[Intro] Yeah G Herbo You already know what it is, man, you know what the fuck it is Soon as the beat come on instant kill, body Homicide on the beat I feel like Juelz mixed with Wayne Mixed with Kiss mixed with Styles Mixed with motherfucking Cam and Puff Puff cause I'ma talk that shit Mixed with Pac and Biggie, Hov Everybody hol' on Look [Verse] I tell 'em look when I got 'em shook Before I kill him when I gotta kill him Since a infant I had been that nigga, word to auntie Linda I was too gangsta for a Gerber boy I had Gerbert on and Polaroids If you can get the picture I wasn't rich I had to risk it, try and glit my wrist up Went for a bitch, it wasn't shit for me to get my dick sucked I fuck bitches look like Kylie Jenner but they lips way thinner and don't go on dinners I did my shit somewhere so I repent if i was born a sinner I ball hard and rock fox furs in the winter 2000 I go spent my (?) dinner This that shit A Boogie rap about yeah they my niggas They say Don dropped a new check while he getting bigger And i'm the type of nigga that follow my intuition i shoot you get to twitching I gotta kill or you might get to snitching You niggas bitches had to man up and take gifts of christmas lists Ain't go to school i was skipping ditching i didn't listen I started pitching had experiments up in the kitchen Try not to breath in i thought it felt like we was sniffing Re-up we thought we was tripping profits started tripling We got this bitch sold up from Stoney to Lake Michigan If he toast up we like so what when we face off with the (?) got big shit when you pullin out they like hol' up Mini choppers that fold up like A Lamborghini with the doors up Fast car G Swervo in the V 12 and before i leave the house pick that pole up Roll up I seen niggas froze up, had they homie oozing on the ground left him dead cause they ain't do what they said Im just on the bread, niggas ain't worth shit i walk alone instead I don't know who want me dead eyes behind my head I had spent (?) what was on my head They wanna get me out outty i'm just getting older And i don't take for granted pray i get it lower They keep moving low profile presidential like a soldier postar Make the best in ups and downs in life like a rollercoaster Know my grandma looking down on me shining like a postar Know your baby getting older and i'm getting older Sorry my heart getting colder niggas getting hoe'r but i know you see i did all that i said that i was gonna Made all the sacrifices even when i ain't wanna Momma living out 5 outta 4 some i was somewhere like 100 floors up Ran up a Quater mill on a tour bus, Roley my wrist, Wraith to M6 Early i was fucking off chasing and shit, you ain't know young niggas getting reckless like this Any nigga that diss me on a record and shit and spit facts They lying on wax Homies rolling over, i need a stash house spot money rolling over I been that shit since Averex .. Motarolas And i cleaned up like 8 jacks call the corner clean pull up Maybach shorties call the corners Kid ain't have no clean summers we was always warm I ain't have no clean sneakers cause i always wore And stop getting good grades i was in the hall way more When my class walked across the stage i was in California smoking California Ain't have to get up early mornings, fuck Tom Jordan Shout out Nino i was fucking with M Tray when they was in New Orleans